Potty Training Blues :(

I am trying to get this potty training thing under control. We have tried a couple of things with Simba. The very first thing we tried was litter training. Yes, an actual litter box with litter in it. Am I confused about Simba being a dog? Of course not! I know he’s not a cat, but this is something that I read about on Animal Planet and something that my boyfriend suggested that we try. You can read the article by clicking HERE. This method seemed to work okay after a couple of tries, but then it just ended up being messy with litter trailing on the floor and just way more work than we expected. We have a balcony so we put the litter box out there for less mess and easier clean up, but we still didn’t like the method.

The next method and the method we are currently using is the puppy training pads. At first he just laid on it like it was his dog bed or something. He also tried to play with it like it was a shiny new toy. He finally got the idea and did his business there, but if there is a pad in the house he won’t use it…he will only use it if we take him out to the balcony. Puppy training pads. Dog training pads. Potty training. Puppy training.So of course when I took him to my sister’s house while we were away at the beach, he did his business on her floor. He wouldn’t use the pad or do his business outside. Oh dear. We also found out that sometimes Simba has been doing his business under the kitchen table at times. We MUST get this potty training under control. He is so much like a toddler! Imagine training your pet and 2 year old at the same time. The horror!

How do you potty train a puppy? Puppy training. Dog training.

How did you potty train your dog? Are you currently potty training your dog now? How are you doing it? How is it working for you? Any tips? Share your tips and I’ll feature you on a post about potty training tips.


6 thoughts on “Potty Training Blues :(

  1. It took a while for me to figure out the potty training thing. But eventually I realised that if I went on the right spot I got a treat. My humans didn’t explain this very well so took longer than it should have, but now i go outside all the time. I guess the thing is to be consistent and to persevere – and give lots of treats 🙂

  2. We are not doing any training right now. All the dogs we have had I trained this way…I started them off using a newspaper in the house I would take them to the newspaper often. After they learned to use the newspaper without prompting then I took the newspaper outside. Most times it was after 3 or 4 weeks some took a little longer. After the paper went outside they would sometimes use it and sometimes they would go ahead and go some place in the yard. I also took them outside often until they learned that outside was where they did their business and would let me know when they wanted to go out.

    Wishing you luck and success and hope you find a solution soon. Hugs

  3. My dogs have always been crate trained. Only until they “get it” – they’re crated whenever they’re unsupervised. They will not poop in the crate, as long as it’s the right size. As soon as they come out of the crate, they go outside, and go back outside every 20 minutes till they do something out there. Once it’s done, they have some relaxing play time woth no worry about accidents. Also, after eating/drinking, outside every 20 minutes till they do something out there. It sounds exhausting (and it is, sometimes), but once it’s established, and they get a little older with more control, all that work pays off for the rest of their lives. Good luck. ANY kind of potty training is gnarly!

  4. I cast my vote for crate training with a strictly adhered to schedule of going out every three to four hours and after meals. When dog goes on the ground excitedly say “do business” while dog is going (name the behavior) and afterwards praise profusely and give a treat.

  5. Being consistent. The first bit if advice I got was that puppies can’t hold it for more than two hours max. Since I was home most of the day cuz I had an easy load at the University, I took him out every two hours on the hour. As he got older, he was able to hold it longer and now he’s got the concept of going outside down. Oh and pee pads never worked with Ollie. He thought they were toys.

  6. Taylor had the advantage from the very beginning of always having a parent at home, since I work during the day and my hubby works nights. So, we started by taking Taylor out every two hours, with a “Good girl, go potty” as she did her business, followed by a treat. And, yes, if a two-hour mark fell at 3am, one of us took her out. If she by any chance did not go potty during her potty break, I waited an hour and tried again. Keeping Taylor’s feeding schedule the same everyday helps, too. You will be able to observe your doggy’s bodily functions more easily and you will see that his body will develop a potty “schedule” of it’s own.

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