The way Simba catches his zZzZ’s and counts his sheep.

Simba sleeps in so many different ways. This way and that…over here and over there…paws up and paws down…curled up and stretched out. I never knew there were so many ways to sleep! Maybe it’s the equivalent of a child that sleeps pretty wildly? He sleeps in the weirdest ways when he is extremely tired. I think it’s a pretty funny sight to see so I had to share the pictures!

I’ll start off with the more normal sleeping positions. When we first got Simba he loved to lay on us and fall asleep. He still loves sleeping this way. Can you say spoiled!?

One of my favorite spots to sleep is on mommy!

I love sleeping on mommy’s lap too!

I don’t leave daddy out…I sleep on him too! I’m sure daddy will find this photo embarrassing, but mommy thinks it’s too cute of course! Mommy thinks everything I do is cute…well almost.

Simba loves sleeping in his bed or any bed for that matter.

I just love my bed. It’s so comfy!

I also love to curl up on mommy and daddy’s bed. It’s much more comfy than mine if you ask me!

On the bed again beginning to wake up from an extremely good night’s sleep!

He also loves to sleep on the couch.

On the couch with my toy. I think I was playing with it and then just went to sleep.

This weekend my family came to visit and boy did I have fun. I played with my cousins and ran everywhere. I fetched balls, I chased balls, I chased family, I played tug o war…I did it all! This is the result of having entirely too much fun! Stretched out on the couch, dog tired!

Drum roll please! Here is the weirdest way that I have ever seen him sleep…laying on his back with all fours up in the air. Oh, Simba. ^_^

I was extremely tired after visiting with family. We took a road trip and when we got home I went straight to my bed! All fours are up. Wow. I look like a weirdo huh?

What ways does your dog sleep? Funny? Cute? Weird? Do you have any photos you would like to share? Send sleeping photos to Thanks.


13 thoughts on “The way Simba catches his zZzZ’s and counts his sheep.

  1. Just like you, Simba, Mom has hundreds of pictures of me sleeping. She’s sending one to show MY favorite way to sleep, and one to show HER favorite of my sleeping positions.

    Love and sleepy licks,

  2. aww! such cute pictures! Yuki and Rocket are the same way, it’s one reason I don’t like sleeping with them. They eventually have me practically falling of the bed. Rocket is the worst though because he likes to sleep with all 4 legs stiffened and sticking straight out.

  3. Simba you are too cute!! I wish Huck would curl up on us…he did it once when he was teeny and never again! His typical spots are the couch in front of our window, the couch by the treats so he can keep an eye on them, and snuggled on the bed between mom and dad. His weirdest thing though is that he loves to lick dad’s elbow before bed. He will lick incessantly but especially before bed! Spoiled! ^^ Simba is just a total cutie and I LOVE his pictures!

  4. How funny! Taylor sleeps on mommy’s and daddy’s bed & on her own bed as well! It’s a wonderful feeling to wake up and see an adorable doggy staring at you! I LOVE all of your photos, by the way! Especially the last one; it brought back special memories of my first “child”, Hopper, who slept with his paws in the air all the time! πŸ™‚

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