Fashion Friday: Vintage neckwear

Happy Fashion Friday!  Do you want your dog to look sophisticated?  Ever thought of turning some old ties that are lying around into fashionable neckwear for your furry pal? Thwap has!  They create fashionable collars/ties that look rather dapper. shared this site with me in a comment.  I like them just as much as she does! You can choose a collar/tie to order or you can make a custom order.  If you have your own tie that you’d like made into a collar you can simply email them!  Isn’t that neat?

There are two different styles available which is the classic or the button-down.  The classic is a tie and the button-down have vintage buttons on them. The price for either type of collar is $28.00.

Available sizes for each style:

XS: fits neck sizes 8”-10”
S: fits neck sizes 10”-13”
M: fits neck sizes 13”-17”
L: fits neck sizes 17”-22”

Fashion Friday. Dog fashion. Dog ties. Dog Clothes. Thwap dog tie collars.

Button-down and tie vintage collars via

If you decide to buy a tie, you can send a picture of your pet wearing it and they’ll post it on their site!  Your fashionable pet will get to show their fashion sense off to the world! 🙂

Fashion Friday. Dog fashion. Dog ties. Dog Clothes. Thwap dog tie collars.

Fashionable pets! via

Do you like neckwear for your pet?  What do they wear? What is your favorite thing to see your pet wear? Do you have any pics you’d like to share to be featured in a Fashion Friday post? Send to wit the subject “Fashion Friday”! Thanks.


6 thoughts on “Fashion Friday: Vintage neckwear

  1. Those ties are very fashionable and handsome! I usually wear sundresses because I’m a girl. Sometimes, I wear a tiny bandana with a velcro closer. If Mom knots anything around my neck, I turn into a rubber contortionist and accidentally eat any parts I can reach.

    Love and licks,

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