Award: Blog on Fire

We received this award from! Yay, thanks a lot.  I’m a little late in posting about this award…it was given back in July.  Oops!

The rules for the award are to share 8 unusual things about yourself or your pet and pass the award along to other bloggers.

8 Unusual things about Simba

1. I love toys that aren’t mine…especially those colorful looking plastic ones.  I take all of my two-legged sister’s cooking toys like pizza or corn and I nibble on them when nobody is watching.  I pretty much destroy the toy if no one takes it from me quickly enough.  I also love those stuffed animals.  Sister has so many! I go into her room all of the time and take them into the living room to play with.  Sometimes sister gives them to me and we both get in trouble 😦

2.  I like ripping tissue or paper to shreds!  Mommy doesn’t like that either.  I recently ripped up my training pad for the first time.  Daddy was pretty upset and he thinks I was showing off in front of company.  It won’t happen again O:)

3. I sleep kinda weird when I’m really tired!  One time I slept with all fours up in the air.  Everyone thought it was hilarious.

4. I like sniffing and playing with socks.  All socks, your socks, mommy socks, daddy socks, sister socks, dirty socks, clean socks, any socks, socks, socks, socks!

5. I will only use the bathroom outside on the balcony on my training pad!  I have a training pad in the house and I never used it once.  I guess I just like to handle my business on the balcony only!

6. I do this new thing where I use the bathroom under the kitchen table when no one is watching!  Daddy found out and he was really upset with me.  I haven’t done that in a while now.  I guess I better not do it again.

7. I do not like water! I mean of course I LOOOOVE drinking it…but putting water on me? YUCK! I despise taking a bath 😦  Maybe I will like it one day….maybe!

8. I like feet! HUMAN FEET! I will try to nibble on your big toe…well, any toe.  Nobody seems to like that though, but I love it!  What’s the big deal anyway? It’s just a little nibble…I’m not going to chew it off!

8 Blogs that are on FIRE! You guys are hot, hot, hot!

20 thoughts on “Award: Blog on Fire

  1. Congrats on your award! I LOVE FEET!! I love to smell ’em, lick ’em….Mom won’t let me lick hers anymore because she got a rash from me licking her feet so much!
    I also LOVE SOCKS! Laundry day is my fave…I wait at the ready for a renegade sock to drop!!! Ohhh…I like falling bras too…but don’t spread that around ok? I’m a BOY dog….BOL! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  2. Congratulations, sweet Simba! It was fun reading about you. We had to chuckle about the socks and feet. Some feet are stinky, do you like those? lol Thank you for thinking of us and passing the award on we will blog about it when we put out the next award blog. Hugs and nose kisses

    • Thank you! I’m glad you like my unusual tidbits about me. It’s kind of embarrassing though…….I don’t think I’ve smelled any stinky feet yet, but I have smelled and played with dirty socks so…I probably like stinky feet too :-O You’re welcome for the award!

  3. Congrats furfriend! You are truly awesome (and Mummy said to add adorable!)

    Thankies for the award. Like you whee will get around to doing a post eventually!

    Nibbles, Nutty, Bingo & Buddy

  4. wow! we’re on fire?? no wonder it was getting so hot around here, BOL! Thanks for the award! We can’t have training pads because Rocket used to eat them when he was a puppy. It’s one reason Yuki is trained to go outside for the bathroom, but if the weather is bad outside, she will use it, but Rocket does not know how. But good thing I guess was Rocket only took 5 days to be housebroken and Yuki took 3 weeks, because she was just using the training pads instead of going outside.

  5. Great to read about you, Simba! We thought the socks& feet bit were hilarious. Thanks for thinking of us! We’ll work on this & pass it on soon!
    Your fellow beards,
    Joules & Prescott

  6. I’m so sorry that this is coming to you so late, but a big congratulations on this award, and thank you so much for passing along this award to us! This is awesome!
    And Simba, I loved reading about you and your quirky ways! My first dog, Hopper, LOVED socks as well! And Taylor is a big fan of feet, like you! However, she prefers to lick toes instead of nibble on them! YUCK! We always say “Taylor, no toes!!” 🙂

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