You are more than welcome here, but your pet has got to go!

I was on a mission to find a pet friendly hotel to stay for a little day get away to the beach!  Just when I think I’ve found a hotel I see the dreaded words “NO PETS ALLOWED“.  Hmph…NEXT!  I then realized that maybe it would be harder than I thought. Can you say mission impossible!?  I  found ONE that is in the area of the beach where we prefer to stay.

I found a couple of sites to search on:

We decided not to take Simba this time so he will be staying with his Aunt…my sister!  I was really looking forward to taking Simba with us, but we decided to wait until next year some time when we will actually stay longer than a day and have time to do more research and whatnot.  There are beach rules for your pet and everything!

I can’t wait to tell you guys about Simba’s first trip to the beach and share tons of pictures whenever that day arrives.

Do you have trouble finding somewhere for you pet to stay?  Do you take your pet with you on all of your trips?  What are some good sites to search on for pet friendly places?  Share your best and worst pet trip moments!


15 thoughts on “You are more than welcome here, but your pet has got to go!

  1. It was great taking Sadie on our vacation this year. We used to check each town for restaurants and hotels. There were a lot where we were in Canada. I think we did enjoy having her even if we didn’t dine in exclusive fancy restaurants. Everyone was nice to Sadie, even giving her doggie treats, etc!

  2. I have yet to leave Yuki and Rocket anywhere, but when I do it will be in a super nice kennel. It’s on farm land and they play with all the other dogs on a big field, they can even swim in the dog pond. The kennels where they sleep are long dog runs where its half inside, half outside. You can even pay extra to give them some obedience lessons.

  3. Hi Kia, love your blog! I take my two dogs with my quite often (they currently act as our children at the moment) and I usually don’t have a problem finding hotels that are pet friendly. I think one of the key things is to find a chain you really like (like Kimpton Hotels for us when we stay in a big city) or Best Western/ Hilton Garden Inn for non-city stay, that you like and are familiar with and also dog friendly. That way you can look to see if those hotel are near your area of travel.

  4. Two weeks ago was the very first trip that I had taken since Freckles became part of the family, ironically at the beach in the Carmel, CA area. It took quite a lot of searching to find a hotel that was pet appropriate and affordable, but I eventually found one on I also found a dog park less than a mile away, dog-friendly beaches, and a couple of restaurants to choose from. It’s a great site!

  5. Thank you so much for the websites! They will be great resources for when that moment comes to have a little vacation (hopefully soon!). I bet Simba really enjoyed staying with Auntie! Does she have dogs of her own, or did Simba get all the attention? 🙂

    • No prob! He loved staying with his auntie, but I could tell he missed us! My sister has a dog, but they don’t know each other too well and since Simba is smaller than her my sister decided to keep them apart at the moment because she was acting very sassy and jealous! LOL.

  6. Hi there! Found you via the blog hop. Found this post interesting as I have recently been performing the same search. I found a pretty decent site called that allows you to search for pet-friendly places. It wasn’t perfect but it worked well enough to find aome places. Have gun on your holiday!

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