Fashion Friday

Happy Fashion Friday!  Today I’m going to talk about the site  I have mentioned it in an earlier post, but I didn’t say much about it.  You may remember that I entered Simba in Doggie Vogue’s July 2012 Cutest Dog Photo Contest…well, his cuteness won him 3rd place!  Yay for Simba!  Thanks to all of you that voted!  I think Simba did well!  There were a lot of cute dogs in the contest. Congrats to Dino for winning first place!

Here’s the photo I used in the contest.

He’s wearing a Polo that I bought from eBay which you can buy here. It’s $4.99 and FREE SHIPPING. There are a variety of colors to choose from.

The prizes for the contest were: 1st place prize of a $50 Gift Certificate to, a 2nd place prize of a $10 Gift Certificate, or a 3rd Place Prize of a $5 Gift Certificate.  I will be using the gift certificate soon and you will be seeing that purchase featured in a Fashion Friday post.
Now let’s discuss First of all, VOGUE is in the site’s name!  That means this site has all the trendy things for your puppy.  There are some discounted clothing as well as designer clothing that are priced higher, but it barks FASHION.  Whatever you’re looking for Doggie Vogue has probably got it and it looks quite fashionable too.  Want to dress your dog up in a costume for Halloween? Got it! Do you want your dog to look classy with a bow tie or dress? Got it! How about some swimwear so your dog can have a splash in the pool? Got that too!  You should stop by and take a look if you want your puppy to look like he or she just stepped off the cover of a puppy model magazine!  All of their furiends will definitely be drooling 😉  Have you always wanted to buy something online, but don’t know what size your dog wears?  No worries. Doggie Vogue has a sizing guide to help you out. But wait!  Do you have a kitty?  There are also things available for your kitten there too…not any clothes though.

You can also like their Facebook page to receive discounts and join the Doggie Vogue social network to meet other pet lovers and enter contests!  I think this is a great site and I will be using it quite often.

Have you ever bought something from Doggie Vogue?  Do you plan to?  Do you have any fashion sites you would like to share?


16 thoughts on “Fashion Friday

  1. Congratulations sweet Simba! You are just soooooo cute and we really like the color of your polo. Hugs and nose kisses

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