Fashion Friday

Woop, It’s Friday! FASHION FRIDAY! Uh, what’s that? I’m glad you asked! I’ve decided that every Friday I’m going to post something about fashion…pertaining to our furry little friends of course. I may post a photo of Simba in something new and tell you where you can get it. Some Friday’s I may simply just post a photo of him in clothing you may have seen him in before, but you may not have seen that particular photo of him. Finally, I may just share a site that I like that has cute clothes and accessories. Whatever I post on Friday will be all about FASHION! I hope you enjoy it.

Here’s Simba modeling his Western Style Men’s Suit & Bow tie looking rather dapper don’t you think?

I’m loving this style. My pals at suggested that you now call me “Sir Simba”. I think that has a nice little ring to it. Tehehe!

I love to pose and besides…I get treats for doing such a pawsome job!

I got this particular shirt from eBay: FORDOGS Pet Dog Clothes. The shirt was only $5 when I purchased it and it looks wonderful on Simba! The shipping was free, but it ships from China so it took about two weeks and two days to get to North Carolina. eBay is a great place to find some really cute dog clothes for a great price and FREE shipping!

Where do you get your dog clothes? What’s your favorite dog clothing/accessory site? Do you have any ideas for my Fashion Friday post? If I made a Fashion Friday blog hop, would you be apart of it? Share!


24 thoughts on “Fashion Friday

  1. Oh, wow!!! Sweet Simba you look mighty spiffy in that suit. We love the bow tie and that first picture is fantastic. Hugs and nose kisses

  2. Simba looks SOOO adorable in his suit and bow tie! And I LOVE your Fashion Friday idea! It seems like the coolest products for dogs are found online anyway, so I’m excited to get some canine fashion inspiration from you! 🙂

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