Home Alone!

When nobody is home, Simba is inside of his kennel.  Well, SOMEONE (his daddy) forgot to close the kennel door so Simba was having a grand ol’ time ripping and running around while we were out and about.  He would have never done this if we were home of course.  I came home from work and to my surprise there were things on the floor everywhere and I didn’t know what was going on.  Did someone break in? What the heck!?  I look over and I see Simba in his kennel peeking out at me, but the door isn’t closed. Wow.  Why is he looking at me with puppy dog eyes like he knows better? Mhmm, tsk tsk Simba.  I walk around the apartment to see what damage he has done, but it wasn’t as bad as it could have been because he only went into one room and dragged some things out into the hallway and ripped up some tissue that was in the trash can.  He also dragged some toys around…he loves going in that room and bringing toys out that aren’t his to play with!

Oops, I’m sorry mommy…am I in trouble?

Do you have any “home alone” stories? Share!


15 thoughts on “Home Alone!

  1. Looks like simba had great fun! The only time I’ve really made a mess was when i got myself locked in the bathroom 😦

  2. Miss D loves invading the trash cans. After I spent one harrowing weekend wondering where the plastic cap to a tube of chapstick may have gotten to, I bought new trash cans. With lids.

  3. Well, sweet Simba I guess now your mama knows how you feel about having to stay behind…you made the best of it though and had a blast we see. Hugs and nose kisses

  4. Door open = Free-for-all! Yay Simba! Mission accomplished! When Mom leaves me alone, I just sit and wait for her to come back. When she’s here with me, I am sometimes naughty so she will chase me around and laugh at me.

    Love and licks,

  5. Bol! We have several, and they all involve Prescott and the bathroom trash or jumping on the kitchen table or counter & eating food dogs shouldn’t be eating, like chocolate & jalapeno peppers. You get the picture.
    Atop, Joules

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