Maintaining a Beautiful White Coat Part II

A while back I asked the question on instagram:

I received several responses.  Click  here to view the blog post with the responses.

I also received some more responses which are:

Blog responses:

raisingdaisy says:

Simba is absolutely ADORABLE!! We use Perfect Coat on Daisy too, and it works really well. Our vet told us to make sure to clean the tear areas of her eyes every day to prevent staining. Then, with her weekly bath, we have to use a no-tears formula shampoo just on her face/tear areas.

Melinda Hudson says:

I’ve actually heard from other white schnauzer owners that it’s not so much about the shampoo, but rather about what the dog is eating/drinking that will have an effect on the beard specifically (not sure about the eyes as it’s not caused by the same thing). Apparently giving your pup distilled/purified drinking water keeps the beard white as there are certain elements in tap water that will stain. This can be as easy as buying a Brita filter jug and keeping in in the fridge to refill your dog’s bowl. Also, beef based foods and treats are known to stain the beard, so if you stay away from anything that’s beef based (and go for chicken, pork, or fish based instead), that will also help to prevent staining.

Instagram responses:

@sheinemann says: Angel eyes beef flavor worked on my dogs for the tear stains

@yorkieprincess  says: Angel eyes powder is great! Used it on my previous dog she was a white poodle & I highly recommend

Thanks to everyone for their responses!

Angel eyes is basically an antibiotic that can actually do more harm than good to your pet.  I’ve read the reviews that it actually works, but I have also read reviews that says it has caused some problems for their pet and to make sure to check with your vet first.

I think I will just stick to keeping beef out of Simba’s diet and use distilled water for him to drink.  I bought Beneful – Healthy Growth for Puppies  and Simba loves it.  I think he loves this better than the pedigree because it actually contains moist chewy chunks .  It contains real chicken, rice, real milk, and vitamin-rich veggies!

I will also continue to clean his eyes everyday with the dog wipes I purchased from Wal-mart:

Click here to know what causes staining and how you can get rid of it or prevent it.

Any tips that were missed that you know of? Share!


4 thoughts on “Maintaining a Beautiful White Coat Part II

  1. Thank you so much for the link to the article about tear stains. Though Taylor’s black fur covers it up, she gets tear stains quite often, leading to yucky “eye crusties”, as we call them. 🙂

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