Superhero Simba!

PetSmart has a lot of cute clothes!  I’ve been racking up on most of their Marvel superhero clothing.  Every Marvel shirt that I’ve bought for Simba has been on sale.  None of them has been over $5.00!  This is so awesome because my boyfriend loooooves superheros and I think the shirts are just too cute.  Win!  Simba has four superhero shirts right now.  He’s our superhero doggy!

These are the two shirts I bought the other day.

Yay for new shirts!

Lounging around

I look so handsome when I wake up.

Here are the other shirts I bought when we first got Simba.

Aren’t the shirts awesome!?  Click on the picture below to see more shirts and possibly buy one for your pet!


3 thoughts on “Superhero Simba!

  1. HOW CUTE!!! The clothes at Petsmart are definitely hard to resist! How does King Simba react to shirts on him…is he wiggly, or does he take to them well?

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