Maintaining a Beautiful White Coat

I’ve been wondering how to keep Simba’s hair beautiful and white.  I especially don’t want him to have those awful tear stains!  So I’ve been asking around and doing some research on how to maintain his beautiful white coat.  I bought some whitening dog shampoo a couple of weeks ago, but it just doesn’t seem to be getting the job done.  I decided to ask my followers on Instagram and I received a couple of responses.

These are the responses I received:

emjscottt Apparently Oatmeal based are the best, espec for light colours

itsazoo2012 If you buy purple shampoo for blonde hair and mix it half and half with your puppy shampoo that will work perfectly. Just keep it out of his eyes.

bellathedogg I use baby shampoo as well . Its softer on the fur and skin

travis_otto We use oatmeal based shampoo for my white one, works like a charm and he’s still as white as when we first got him.

I also did some research on my own and it seems like most people that own white dogs use oatmeal based shampoo.  So I looked up oatmeal shampoo on and the brand “Perfect Coat” seems to have a lot of good reviews.  I think I will try this shampoo out this weekend and post before and after pictures of Simba on the blog.


8 thoughts on “Maintaining a Beautiful White Coat

  1. Does Simba have staining? It doesn’t look like it! He’s super white, and if he is, don’t worry about staining until you have to cross that bridge!

    My two rescue pups have some beard and feet pink/brown stains. I have tried several things and nothing seems to work, especially that purple shampoo. Will try oatmeal next since we just ran out. Message me if/when he does have staining, but in the meantime, enjoy it while he’s white! 🙂

    • Thanks for your comment! He has some brown staining on his beard that just won’t go away 😦 It’s not super bad, but I don’t want it to get any worse. I plan on buying the oatmeal shampoo tomorrow and see if it works.

  2. Simba is absolutely ADORABLE!! We use Perfect Coat on Daisy too, and it works really well. Our vet told us to make sure to clean the tear areas of her eyes every day to prevent staining. Then, with her weekly bath, we have to use a no-tears formula shampoo just on her face/tear areas.

    • Thank you! Daisy is adorable as well 🙂 I actually didn’t see the Perfect Coat shampoo and I bought some other brand called Top Paw so I don’t know how well that’s going to work, but the results will be posted to the blog this week. Thank you for sharing what you do to prevent staining. We use wipes on the tear areas of Simba’s eyes each day to remove those pesky little eye boogies!

  3. I’ve actually heard from other white schnauzer owners that it’s not so much about the shampoo, but rather about what the dog is eating/drinking that will have an effect on the beard specifically (not sure about the eyes as it’s not caused by the same thing). Apparently giving your pup distilled/purified drinking water keeps the beard white as there are certain elements in tap water that will stain. This can be as easy as buying a Brita filter jug and keeping in in the fridge to refill your dog’s bowl. Also, beef based foods and treats are known to stain the beard, so if you stay away from anything that’s beef based (and go for chicken, pork, or fish based instead), that will also help to prevent staining.

    I have a black mini so I haven’t had to try any of these out, but hope this helps!

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