Love at first sight.

I’ve always wanted a small dog or as I say…a dog that stays little foooreverrr!  I’ve had two dogs when I was younger with my parents, but not any on my own.  I thought I would purchase a yorkie one day, but when I saw this cute little mini schnauzer I just had to have him.  There were three dogs to choose from and they were all white.  The other two just didn’t have my attention like Simba did.  One seemed scared, the other seemed boring, but Simba was just perfect.  He seemed to like me when I picked him up and I just knew he was the one.  He is 8 weeks old and his birthday is March 21st…he’s just a baby.  I took him home and mommy (me) and daddy (boyfriend) gave him a bath for the first time.  He did not like this one bit.  It was kind of funny how he kept trying to get out of the sink.  He was whining the entire time like “why are you guys doing this to me!?”

My parents gave me my 1st bath! I didn’t like it at all. You can even see the little pout on my face. Hmph.

After finishing his bath, he got to put on his brand new shirt.  I bought him clothes already? Why yes, yes I did.  He’s just too adorable not to wear cute little clothes sometimes.  Besides, I only bought him two shirts…for now.  His daddy picked it out for him.

In my first shirt! Captain America. Daddy loves super heroes and mommy loves blue! I think I look quite handsome in it.

Why the name Simba?  Well, it was between Simba and Snoopy, but I like Simba more.  Also, The Lion King is one of my favorite child-hood movies and I always said that when I found an awesome dog, I’d give him the awesome name of Simba. Wait, what!? But…that’s a lion’s name and Simba is a dog. Well, I never really wanted a cat because they’re all independent and do their own thing and a dog just loves a person’s company so there you have it!

So far, Simba is an awesome dog and I’m sure he will continue to be awesome.  He has become apart of my family and I love him already.  Everyone that has met him so far falls in love with him as well and would like to take him home. Love at first sight!


2 thoughts on “Love at first sight.

  1. Such a sweetie. Does he have little brown spots on his skin? I’m pretty sure that’s why my dog hates baths…he’s embarrassed my his freckles 🙂 Lol! Love the name Simba and love all the pictures!

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